The Organic Meat Company (Pakistan) exports heat-treated beef to China

Says it has become first company in South Asia to successfully send consignment of heat-treated frozen beef meat products to China.

The Organic Meat Company Limited (TOMCL) said it has become the first company in South Asia to successfully export heat-treated frozen beef meat products to China.

TOMCL, a Pakistani meat processor, shared the development in its notice to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) on Monday.

“We are pleased to inform that TOMCL now stands as the first company from South Asia to have successfully exported cooked/heat treated frozen beef meat products to the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC) on December 31, 2023,” read the notice. 

“The PRC holds the distinction of being the world’s largest meat importer, importing approximately 3.10 million metric tonnes of beef and mutton meat during 2022, and TOMCL has secured a unique position as one of only two companies to have obtained a license for exporting cooked beef meat products to China from South Asia,” it added. 

The company said that with these notable approvals and the commencement of active exports to mainland China, TOMCL is set to explore new horizons, anticipating significant growth in export volumes and turnover. 

“We are confident that this milestone will not only enhance the company’s standing in the industry but also generate substantial value for our esteemed shareholders. 

“We look forward to the positive impact this new product line and geographic location opening will have on our business and are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, as well as generate good value for our shareholders,” it added. 

Back in 2021, the Chinese customs authorities approved TOMCL to export heat-treated beef to China.

Last week, the Board of Directors (BoD) of TOMCL approved an expansion plan for the production facilities and upgradation of the company.

“The BoD of TOMCL has given its approval to the management’s decision concerning the proposed expansion plan for the production facilities and upgradation of the company,” read the statement.

TOMCL shared that it has undertaken a substantial expansion of their existing meat chilling and freezing capacities through an enhanced investment outlay of Rs600 million.

TOMCL is engaged in the processing, sale and export of halal meat and allied products.

Middle Eastern countries are TOMCLs’ major export market. However, the company has added pet food raw material to its portfolio which enabled it to tap the US and Europe as well. The company also has significant business in Far East, Commonwealth of Independent States and South Asian markets.

It also claims to be the first Pakistani company to initiate the export of vacuum-packed fresh beef meat and the only company in the region owning the technology to vacuum pack or blast freeze mutton and quarter beef carcasses.