Saudi Arabia gives green light to Paraguayan meat exports

Mexico, South Korea, and Japan could soon join the list of countries buying Paraguayan beef

Saudi Arabia’s Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has given the green light to the purchase of beef from Paraguay after a successful audit, the South American country’s National Service for Animal Quality and Health (Senacsa) announced Monday in Asunción.

The audit, which began on December 4 and lasted until December 14, included visits to slaughterhouses in Central, Presidente Hayes, Boquerón, and Amambay, where detailed technical evaluations were carried out. The Saudi auditors met with Senacsa president José Carlos Martín and other officials.

This new achievement follows the recent approval for export to the United States, with the first shipment scheduled for this week.

In addition to Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Canada earlier this year, audits are underway to access other markets such as Japan, South Korea, and Mexico, which would strengthen Paraguay’s international position.

Paraguayan Meat Chamber (CPC) President Randy Ross confirmed Monday that the first shipment of about 25 tons of beef will leave for the United States on Wednesday. President Santiago Peña is expected to attend the event marking this initial shipment, which will be handled by the Brazilian multinational Minerva Foods through its Frigomerc meatpacking plant. Ross said the shipment will take 3 to 4 weeks to reach its destination.

According to Asunción media, between 220 and 250 animals were slaughtered for this shipment. Minerva Foods’ previous experience trading with the United States from Brazil and Uruguay was a key factor in expediting the process.