Rounds files resolution to reinstitute ban on Paraguay beef imports

Sen. Mike Rounds is leading an effort to overturn a decision by the Biden administration allowing beef imports from Paraguay.

Rounds is joining Democratic Sen. Jon Tester of Montana in filing a Congressional Review Act resolution to halt the action.

The U.S. implemented a ban of beef imports from Paraguay in 1997 due to the country failing to meet pathogen reduction and monitoring standards. Last November, the White House announced plans to end the embargo after an audit by the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service determined Paraguay’s inspection system met basic requirements.

“South Dakota farmers and ranchers work tirelessly to produce the safest, highest quality and most affordable beef in the world,” Rounds said Tuesday. “Paraguay, on the other hand, has historically struggled to contain outbreaks of foot and mouth disease. Consumers across America should be able to confidently feed their families beef that they know has met the rigorous standards required in the United States. I’m pleased to be filing this CRA with Senator Tester to overturn this rule that harms American producers and consumers.”

Several ag groups are supporting the resolution, including South Dakota chapters of both the Farm Bureau and Farmers Union.

In December, Rounds and Tester announced legislation aimed at banning beef imports from Paraguay.