Paraguayan pork exports experience exponential growth following Taiwan market opening

According to official data, pork exports to the Taiwanese market concluded 2023 with a remarkable growth of approximately 550%, both in volume and value, compared to 2022. This establishes the Asian island as the primary destination for Paraguayan pork products.

According to the latest report from the National Service of Quality and Animal Health (Senacsa), by the end of December, pork exports, including offal, reached a total of 7,689 tons.

This signifies a substantial increase of 541% compared to 2022, when only 1,184 tons were shipped.

This year, the exported value generated revenue of USD 19 million, representing a significant 570% surge from the previous period.

These export levels are primarily attributed to the opening of the Taiwanese market, which now absorbs 72% of the total market for this product, becoming the primary destination for Paraguayan pork in less than a year.

In this context, Senacsa reports that in the last 12 months, the Republic of China (Taiwan) imported products valued at almost USD 14 million, equivalent to around 5,536 tons.

The first shipment of pork cuts exported to Taiwan occurred in February 2023. Among other destinations, Uruguay has 21%, followed by Georgia, Brazil, and Angola, among other markets.