Livestock sector: Traceability system will increase meat exports: minister

LAHORE: “Implementation of the traceability system in the livestock sector will not only lead to enhanced quality of meat but also foster an upsurge in meat exports. By improving quality standards, the meat which is currently sold at US two dollar per kg globally can attract prices up to $ 9 per kg.”

This was disclosed by the Punjab Minister for Livestock Department Ibrahim Murad while chairing a review meeting, here on Thursday. The meeting was convened to discuss the pivotal subject of livestock identification and traceability.

In his address, the Minister Ibrahim Murad emphasized the immense potential of the identification and traceability programme to catapult livestock exports by US one billion dollars. He highlighted the global Halal meat market, estimated at a staggering two trillion dollars, and underscored that, as of today, domestic exports stand at US 500 million dollars — a figure that they aim to escalate to an impressive US 15 billion dollars during the initial phase.

Minister Murad firmly asserted that the implementation of the traceability system will not only lead to enhanced meat quality but also foster an upsurge in meat exports. By improving quality standards, the currently sold $ 3 per kg meat globally can potentially command prices of up to $ 9 per kg. 

Furthermore, in a historic milestone, the minister reported the registration of 62,685 large animals through the animal traceability system. Additionally, 13,367 animals have been duly registered in 115 farms, each housing more than 500 animals in the province.

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