Egypt, Brazil sign deals on meat exports, science and tech cooperation

  • Brazil’s president: ‘Important agreements will contribute to development of strategic areas’
  • Egypt among leading importers of South American country’s beef, poultry

SAO PAULO: During his official visit to Cairo on Thursday, Brazilian President Lula da Silva witnessed the signing of two key agreements with the Egyptian government. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi also attended the signing ceremony.

The first agreement is a protocol that simplifies the export process for Brazilian beef, poultry and pork to Egypt.

It ensures food safety and maintains rigorous quality standards while streamlining bureaucratic procedures. This is expected to boost trade and benefit both countries.

The second agreement, a memorandum of understanding, focuses on science, technology and innovation.

It aims to strengthen partnerships and encourage collaboration between companies, universities and research institutes.

Lula and El-Sisi announced the agreements and made a statement to the press. Lula said: “We have signed important agreements in the areas of science, technology and agriculture during this visit, which will contribute to the development of strategic areas.”

He added that the entry into force of an agreement in the aviation sector will allow direct flights between Brazil and Egypt.

El-Sisi emphasized the intention to improve relations not only in the agricultural and scientific sectors but also in the cultural, economic and political spheres.

The protocol for meat exports creates an equivalence of meat inspection systems, also known as “pre-listing.”

Roberto Perosa, secretary of trade and international relations in Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, said: “The ‘pre-listing’ reflects the high degree of confidence in Brazilian sanitary control, especially in the Federal Inspection Service, whose excellence is recognized by more than 150 importing countries.

“Egypt, one of the six largest importers of Brazilian beef in the world, and leader in the import of poultry meat from our country, demonstrates the strength and potential for growth of the established commercial relations. Last year alone, we conquered four new markets in Egypt, including cotton.”

Before this agreement, renewing the export qualifications of Brazilian establishments involved costly and time-consuming in-person audits by Egyptian authorities.

This overburdened ministry auditors and restricted the number of eligible exporters. Since 2019, roughly 30 Brazilian companies were stuck in a “waiting list” for qualification.

Under the new agreement, Brazilian certifications will be automatically recognized by Egypt, streamlining the export process. However, Egypt retains the right to verify compliance through occasional audits.

The formalization of the pre-listing was officiated by Brazilian Ambassador Paulino Franco de Carvalho Neto, and Egypt’s Minister of State for Agriculture and Land Reclamation Mohamed Sayed El-Quseir.

The MoU, signed by Brazilian Minister Luciana Santos and a representative of Egypt’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, aims to elevate cooperation in science, technology and innovation.

The MoU encourages collaboration between various entities such as companies, universities and research institutes, opening doors for joint research projects, development and innovation initiatives, and personnel exchanges and seminars.

It will provide opportunities for researchers, students and university staff, with exchange programs, joint events, startup exchange, joint research and exchange of information.