Brazil increases possibilities of export poultry meat to Russia

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAPA) announced that Russia enabled five new meat packing plants for the export of poultry meat to that country, reported the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance of the Russian Federation (Rosselkhoznadzor), following a rigorous audit conducted in Brazil, the first of which has been ongoing since 2015 and was completed in December 2023.

Poultry meat exports from Brazil in 2023

In December 2023, Japan took the lead as the main destination of Brazilian poultry meat exports, with 55.9 thousand tons imported, a volume 53.9% higher than the total recorded in the same period of 2022. In second place, China imported 50.3 thousand tons (+8.5%), followed by the United Arab Emirates, with 44.3 thousand tons (+27%), Saudi Arabia, with 39.5 thousand tons (+56.3%) and South Africa, with 31.2 thousand tons (+10.8%).

Between January and November 2023, Russia imported 43,600 tons of Brazilian poultry product, a volume 44.2% higher than imports in 2022. These exports generated revenues of US$81.2 million in 2023. The country is the 24th main destination for Brazilian products. On the other hand, Brazilian poultry meat sales to the Eurasian market registered a strong expansion throughout 2023 and this partnership is expected to expand.

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Agreement with Russia

The Russian delegation visited production units in six Brazilian states and in the Federal District, and also held technical meetings with representatives of the Secretariat of Agricultural Defense (SDA) and the Secretariat of Trade and International Relations (SCRI), both from MAPA, during the inspection.

Cold storage plants, cattle and poultry farms and official laboratories were inspected, presenting sanitary controls along the entire production chain. The audit resulted in the lifting of temporary restrictions on the supply of animal products from certain production units in Brazil.

Export of poultry meat opportunities to the Russian market are expanding as the new qualification includes the expansion of the production activities of some units, including poultry slaughtering and deboning, production of poultry by-products and fats, and production of animal meal.

Roberto Perosa, MAPA’s Secretary of Trade and International Relations said: “The reaffirmation of this partnership between Brazil and Russia not only strengthens the relationship of mutual trust between the sanitary authorities of both countries, but also highlights the unparalleled quality of Brazilian products on the international scene. The Ministry of Agriculture is committed to continue working to guarantee and expand the access of Brazilian products to global markets, ensuring compliance with the highest standards of quality and food safety.”

In 2023, Brazilian beef and poultry exports to Russia reached US$ 306 million, corresponding to 24% of total shipments to that market.