Brazil beef exports decline in March – Cepea

The limited supply from cattle farmers and the demand increase from meatpackers now allowed to export beef to China have been leading to a decrease of the gap between fed cattle prices in São Paulo and most regions surveyed by Cepea.

Among the 28 areas released daily by Cepea, the price gap reduced in 20, indicating an important adjustment in the price formation.

In the first days of April, the CEPEA Index for fed cattle (São Paulo State) has averaged BRL 228.17 per arroba, decreasing 2% compared to March. Values in other areas; however, have moved up in the same comparison.

In Campo Grande (MS), for instance, quotations in the partial of April are 3% higher than the average in March. Therefore, the price gap (compared to the CEPEA/B3 Index) dropped 39% from March to April. In Três Lagoas (MS), the price gap is 32% lower than in March and in Cassilândia (MS), the decrease is 28%.