Americans consume Chilean chicken wings during Super Bowl

Agrosuper’s wings were present again in American homes for the NFL grand finale that took place in mid-February. This cut has become the star food among American football fans.

Super Bowl fan? You’ve probably heard that chicken wings have become the star food of the most popular and important sporting event in the United States. So much so that, according to estimated figures from the National Chicken Council of the North American country, last year 1.45 billion wings were consumed during the championship.

But what not many know is that Chilean chicken is precisely one of the protagonists. Every February it is present at the Super Bowl with the wings from the Agrosuper company, which reach American homes to give even more flavor to the NFL grand finale, which this year will pit the defending champions, Kansas City Chiefs, against the San Francisco 49ers.

This was announced by the United States ambassador to Chile, Bernadette Meehan, who wrote on her X account that “every year, Chilean chicken wings arrive for the Super Bowl”.

From Agrosuper they confirmed it. The company’s International Sales Manager, Nicolás Rosenfeld, explains that during February the sale of chicken wings increases, since it is precisely the product chosen by fans to enjoy the broadcast of this sports festival with family and friends. “It is a convenient, delicious and easy-to-prepare product that has not only become an icon of this event, but also a protagonist on the tables of North American families”, he stated.

It should be noted that, on a general level, chicken consumption has progressively increased in the United States. According to data from ChileCarne, in 2013 13,879 tons of chicken were consumed, while ten years later, in 2023, this number reached 17,866. For this year, consumption of more than 18 billion is projected.

“We have seen a trend toward increasing chicken consumption in the United States. Chile is a world-class chicken producer and we see that its sales in the US market have been increasing. We are proud to see companies like Agrosuper conquering diverse audiences, especially American football lovers”, concluded Juan Carlos Domínguez, President of ChileCarne.