The USDA’s 2024 meat production projections were mixed on the month.

Beef is seen at 26.185 billion pounds, up 75 million from January, expecting a higher rate of slaughter in the second half of the year, along with heavier carcass weights, with an average steer price of $180 per hundredweight, a gain of $2, steady imports and larger imports and consumption.

Pork is pegged at 27.88 billion pounds, down 90 million due to slower slaughter, with an average barrow and gilt price of $60, up $2, and higher exports, along with slower imports and consumption.

Chicken is estimated at 46.775 billion pounds, an increase of 100 million because of heavier broilers, with an average price of $1.27 per pound, a penny higher, and a cut in exports against greater imports and consumption.

Turkey production is expected to be 5.395 billion pounds, a decrease of 75 million, because of weak demand and highly pathogenic avian influenza, with an average price of $1.07, a reduction of $.04, unchanged imports, higher exports, and near steady consumption.

The USDA’s next set of supply and demand estimates is out March 8th.