The end of the half carcass divides the meat sector: butchers oppose and exporting refrigerators support

From the national government they admit that it is in a position to start from next November 1 with the provision of meat in pieces of less than 32 kilos from refrigerators to butchers and supermarkets. The measure will end the delivery to the retailer of the half carcass. A decision that generated differences in the cattle and meat chain.

The large exporting refrigerators spoke in favor of the new measure , describing it as “positive”. However, there is strong resistance on the part of medium-sized and small slaughterhouses who, together with butchers and meat suppliers, assure that the conditions are not right for making the initiative effective, since they considered that at least half of the slaughterhouses that operating in the market could not make the investment required by the changes to comply with the chopping.

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