The end of the half beef: the system for marketing meat changes and they assure that it will help lower prices

As Infobae has been reporting , as of November 1 there will be changes in the marketing of beef . The measure will be applied through a joint Resolution of the Ministries of Labor, Agriculture, and Productive Development, dated April 21, 2021, which at the time generated profound differences in the chain.

From this decision, the half carcasses will be eliminated and the meat will reach the consumer through a chopping or quartering of the animals into pieces weighing less than 32 kilos. The exporting refrigerators, who are in favor of the initiative, pointed out that it will benefit the workers, who will stop carrying around 100 kilos of meat on their shoulders , it will cause economic advantages, greater health security is guaranteed since it prevents the meat is dragged on surfaces when it comes down from the truck to the point of sale, and the efficiency of the sector will be improved and in this way generate a drop in prices at the counters.

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