Mexico is the second largest supplier of beef to the US

Beef exports from Mexico to the United States registered an annual increase of 15 percent and thus became the second largest supplier of protein to the world’s main economy, only below Canada and above powers such as New Zealand. , Australia and Brazil.

Data from the Agricultural Markets Consulting Group (GCMA) indicate that at the end of the third week of September, Mexico sold 213,719 tons of meat to the United States, compared to 185,826 in the same period in 2021. Mexico was below the 235 thousand 224 tons of Canada, but above 102 thousand 485 of New Zealand, 94 thousand 772 of Australia, 92 thousand 763 of Brazil, 47 thousand 675 of Nicaragua, 31 thousand 950 of Uruguay and 16 thousand 997 tons of Argentina.

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