Concerns about the impact of Chinese recession on meat exports

While some areas received relief from downpours, still scarce, the alarm was raised again due to the possibility of new frosts that could cause more damage to crops, both in winter and summer. This, while according to the SIO Granos, “between September 5 and 29, 13,864,200 tons (operated) of soybeans were exceeded, between new contracts, for a total of 10.17 million tons, and fixations, which add up to another 3.69 million”, which comfortably exceeds official forecasts. This, in turn, determined a “foreign exchange income for September that was a historical record with US$8,120 million, and the accumulated income of the first 9 months of US$33,817,223,376 was also a record”, according to the latest Agroindustrial Monitor.

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