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Current context of cattle farming

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25 de Noviembre de 2017, 10:26

 In 2015, the international reference pricing of cattle reached record levels. The prices have registered a decreasing tendency in the measurement in which the repopulation of the cattle herd has surpassed the initial phase.

That same year, beef production increased by 1.3% and reached the highest production level of the last 10 years in the domestic market. Official figures show that the livestock inventory is recovering since 2013.

Likewise, the production of bovine carcass meat in Mexico has grown at a moderate pace between 2010 and 2016, around 8%.

Mexico ranked as the 8th largest producer of beef carcasses in the year 2015, ranked first in exports of live cattle and tenth in exports of meat. Both in meat and live cattle, the balance of the trade scale was surplus.

Today, consumers value traceability and safety certifications, in the same way they demand higher quality cuts, therefore the use of Federal Inspection Type traces is an opportunity for both internal and external market expansion.

Currently, cattle farming is the main network of the agricultural sector due to the elevated level of integration of its economic actors, because of its level of productivity and installed capacity.

Source: Presentation, “FIRA in the Financing of the Meat Industry”.