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Beef consumption in different generations.

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24 de Noviembre de 2017, 16:16

According to a Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation’s research, 51 percent of consumers purchase meat based on “quality” while 49 percent purchase it based on “price.” 

Although a slight majority of consumers buy based on quality, how they define “quality” may vary significantly. Interestingly, we found consumer similarities when sorting research data by age group.

Some characteristics of this groups are:

Baby Boomers 

- They are true meat lovers.

- Prepare beef 6+ times/month.

- Price is important for them.

- Less likely to pay premium.

Generation X

- Seek products with claims.

- Present themselves as knowledgeable about food they consume.

- Quality is important.

- Value tenderness.


- Seek products with claims.

- Seek unconventional information about food preparation, trends.

- Plan to spend more on red meat as income grows.


Presentación: “Current and Emerging Trends in the Meat and Poultry Industry”. Liz Boyle, PhD.