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25 de Octubre de 2017, 09:29

 Traceability is a term that surfaced in 1996 as an answer to the demands of the consumers, who were concerned about the health crisis that was happening then. They decided to become heavily involved in the production sequence to the extent possible.  

It also arose as a consequence of the changes in the taste of the consumers and as a method to recover their trust regarding the consumption of meat.  

Traceability  is of great importance to the protection of the health of the consumers and not only that, but also to the improvement of the monitoring and transparency of the movements of the animals and their products as well as the processing of the channels and meat products for their sale to the public.  

Other crucial factors within the process are:  

- that the product be identifiable from its origin.  

-  That it be different from alternative products. 

-  That it be safe in terms of health. 

-  That it be considered as a healthy part of a diet.

 In summary, TRACEABILITY  allows the consumer to know who, how, where and when the meat that they are going to consume has been produced. 

 Source: Manual De Best Livestock Practices In The Systems Of Production Of Bovine Cattle Procing Meat In Confinement  (p.p. 38-39)