19 de Septiembre de 2017

The export of goods and services at the macroeconomic level is positive for the trade balance

within a country, since it becomes a major source of demand for the domestic production of

goods. Therefore, multiplying the product and income of the economy in a general manner.

Some other reasons for the importance of exports are:

• They allow diversification of risks in the face of unstable domestic markets.

• In turn, they can cushion the effects of macroeconomic problems.

• Promote the operation with economies of scale.

• They are a source of growth and consolidation of worldwide companies.

• They make it possible to obtain more profitable prices.

• Extend the lifecycle of a product.

• Improve production scheduling.

• They allow balance regarding the entry of new competitors.

• They mainly Improve the image in relation to suppliers and customers

Exports are equally important because they are not limited to large industries, but medium-

sized, small and even micro-sized industries hold a large share of it. Some elements to be

considered when thinking about exporting are:

• Product quality.

• Competitive price.

• Required export volume.

• Post-sale service.

• Creativity.

• Professionalism.

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