26 de Julio de 2017

Beef comes from an animal no less than three years old, its weight should be around 500 kg; this meat is different shades of red, its medium or high fat content varies according to the breed and food of the beef.

In addition to the culinary richness offered by the consumption of this product, there is the commercial value that its production means for Mexico. That is why today we share some interesting facts about beef:

  • The international recognition of the quality of Mexican beef places us in the 6th place of production worldwide. Meat is a very nutritious food, characterized by being an excellent source of high quality protein, as it provides the essential amino acids in the right amounts.
  • In Mexico, the annual production of beef cattle carcass is more than one million 845 thousand tons. The animal protein forms the defenses against diseases and modulates the proper functioning of our organism. It is the basis for the synthesis of organs, muscles, blood, skin and bones.
  • The leading states in beef production are: Veracruz, Jalisco and Chiapas, together they contribute a third of the value and volume of meat at the national level. Some aspects to be considered for acquiring quality meat are: that it comes from a TIF abattoir, that its color is red, that it is refrigerated properly (4 ° C), a thickness of 0.5 cm, the distribution of the internal fat must be moderate and the external fat must be homogeneous.
  • The United States is the main export market for beef: nine out of every 10 tons that we export are purchased in that country. The eight main beef cuts are: loin, brisket, chuck, round, flank, rib, short plate and rib eye
  • Beef is one of the 20 main agri-food products that Mexico exports to the world. It is estimated that in our country the consumption of beef is 15kg per person per year, while in countries like Argentina, USA, Canada and Australia the consumption varies between 34 and 63 kg per person per year.

SOURCE: idiom=es